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I'm Jacqueline!

I have a commitment to inspiring people like you and organizations just like yours to take meaningful action. (I’m also an avid dinner party host, but that's for another time)

From podcast producer and author, to founder and leadership advocate, I occupy many spaces. Through each of these roles, I am committed to helping you embrace your inner leader.

I want to help you discover and embrace your inner leader, move confidently to your next level and Just Start the things you want to do. I will serve as your learning guide in your courses and I'm happy to support you. 

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"Jacqueline is amazing! She gives great, actionable advise and feedback and has mastered training in the remote environment! I cannot wait for her monthly sessions."


Scarlet’s corporate training programs cover a wide range of topic areas that impact a multitude of industries. Our decade of domestic and international experience has impacted thousands worldwide, providing individuals and organizations with a competitive advantage. 

“Scarlet creates an immersive experience where leaders can truly dig deep and elevate their own intention, impact and legacies.”


"Jacqueline did a great job laying out the framework for the discussions we can expect to have. The content was relevant and very much in line with what I'm seeking. I also love how engaging she was with the audience. I am looking forward to future sessions."